Results of project meetings

Protocol of the Tenerife meeting                                      29.02.13

Comenius : April  22.04. -26.04.2013  (Germany)

The students will work on model building in international groups. A few students will do the documentation of the project by taking photos or making videos of the working sessions, visits, etc. also collecting documentary material from the previous meetings.

The students work in international groups from day one.

Size of the model:  Ryanair size (40 x 55 x 20)

Material used:  paper, wood, cardboard, paint, PVA glue, equipment, plexiglass

Anna will supply a second option of the roof to make the build look a little bit more attractive. (The Leonardo Group has to advertise this house as a sustainable construction company.) Ulli is going to send all the data needed to do the drawings by 22.3.13.

The insulation materials have been replaced (i.e. polystyrene) because the house is a sustainable house. Our choice is a sustainable material lambda 0.045.

The students build the models in international groups. (time: ca. 10 hours)

One model will be selected in a competition. The Swedish group will take it home to build the house.  Germany takes the other models to Sweden for the final exhibition in April/May 2014.

The material needed to build the models is supplied by Germany. The total costs will be split between all participating partners.

The money for the house needed by Sweden will be about 3000 – 4000 Euros. Each country should think about possible sponsors or ways to get this money.


Each country should produce technical drawings of the house of Europe using the data send by Ulli

-    Ground Floor plan
-    Front elevation
-    Side elevation
-    section

You will find this information also on our homepage: http://house-of-europe-…. To log into the internal part of the site you need a user name and a password, which will be send to you by Ulli together with the data of the drawings.  

Leonardo   April 22.04-26.04 2013  (Germany)

The project focuses on the following:

-    How are environmental issues realised in schools and working life in each country?

-    Compare conditions for entrepreneurs and small business firms

(The aspect: internship shall be a major topic in Tenerife Feb. 2014)


The following aspects/questions should be answered in preparation for the meeting and put on the Leonardo homepage. The international groups will need this information throughout the conference in Germany. (The answers will not be presented in national groups to the whole audience, as in previous meetings. They serve as a source.)

 a) How are environmental issues realised in in schools and working life?

        b) Compare conditions for entrepreneurs and small business firms.

Law:     Government regulations (membership in a guild, or association of    entrepreneurs, certificates needed, insurance, corporate form of company)

Structure:      staff/ salary / working hours?

Economy:       up front costs, rent, equipment, running costs, ...

Business plan:  What is a business plan?  

Education:     Which grades are needed to set up the business?

Advertising:   How would you advertise the house of Europe?  What changes have to be made to make it a sustainable house ? Gather pictures, slogans, …

At the conference:

The students start in international groups.

Task: Set up an international business  (a sustainable company) with your international group and advertise the house of Europe.

The research the groups have done beforehand will serve as a source.

A grid will help the students, to decide on a company.

The product should be advertised in a short “video clip”.

Please bring all the documentation (photos, PPP) you have about the previous Comenius and Leonardo projects in Cyprus, Ireland and Tenerife.   

A teacher’s meeting in either Ireland or Germany in October has to be suggested and need to be discussed further. Maybe Malta is also an option.




The results of our project meeting in Cyprus in May 2012